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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

The principal of Washington Elementary School is planning a field trip for the 5th grade students to tour a local university campus. She chooses 30 students who have shown excellent academic performance and arranges for them to visit the nearby college, planning to pay for their travel expenses. In order to make traveling to campus more convenient, she decides to rent a 25-passenger charter bus to shuttle the students and chaperones around for the day. She is quoted $250 per hour and decides to book the bus for 5 hours to allow plenty of time to tour various departments and facilities. In total, the cost for the charter bus rental comes out to $1,250. She tips 10% at the end of the day for a job well done, adding $125 for a total cost of $1,375. The students get to experience what college life is like by touring classrooms, the library, dining halls and more. The charter bus provides a comfortable way for them to travel between locations during their educational campus visit.

Example #2:

A large tech company in Fremont wanted to host an offsite team building event for 120 employees. They contacted our corporate event planners to arrange transportation and activities. We provided a quote for two 56-passenger buses to shuttle attendees from the company office to a local adventure park, at a rate of $250 per hour per bus. The total quote was $3,000 to cover both buses for the 12 hour event. The package also included an on-site event coordinator to facilitate team building activities like trust falls, scavenger hunts, and escape rooms. Additional services like catering, A/V rentals, and custom swag bags with the company logo were also available to create a tailored corporate retreat. With special corporate rates and volume discounts, we simplified the logistics so they could focus on strategic planning and relationship building. Our fleet of late model buses ensured a comfortable ride and built excitement leading up to the offsite. The client was very pleased with the event and staff professionalism.

Example #3:

The local youth basketball team in Oklahoma City is raising funds to attend a major tournament in Dallas. The team of 12 players, ages 12-14, will be traveling with 2 coaches. They decide to rent a 20 passenger charter bus for the trip, as it is safer and more reliable than having parents drive separate cars. The 340 mile trip from Oklahoma City to Dallas takes nearly 5 hours one-way. They rent the charter bus for 12 hours total to account for stops and time in Dallas. At a rate of $210 per hour, the total rental cost is $2,520. With a tip of 10%, the total transportation expense comes to $2,772. Split between the 14 travelers, each person’s share is $198 for roundtrip charter bus transportation. The team holds fundraisers to cover tournament and travel costs. The charter bus rental allows the whole team to travel together and stay focused on their goal of a championship win. Though expensive, it is viewed as a worthy investment.

Example #4:

A group of 10 friends from the Bay Area decide to take a day trip to Lake Tahoe for some hiking and sightseeing. They opt to rent a 14-passenger party bus from Fremont Party Bus Company to drive them there in comfort. The quoted rate for the luxury bus is $350 per hour, with a 5 hour minimum. They are picked up at 8AM in Fremont for the drive to Lake Tahoe, stopping at scenic outlooks along the way. After a full day of adventures, their party bus takes them back, arriving in Fremont at 8PM. With 11 hours total, their party bus rental costs $3,850. They also choose to tip their exceptional team 15%, adding an extra $577.50. The total cost for their Lake Tahoe day trip party bus comes out to $4,427.50, which divided by 10 friends is $442.75 per person.

Example #5:

A bride and groom are getting married in Fremont and having their reception at a vineyard in Livermore. They book transportation for their 80 wedding guests to shuttle them between the ceremony and reception. They rent a 25-passenger minibus for 8 hours at $250 per hour, totaling $2,000. The bus takes guests from the hotel to the ceremony at 2pm, then to the vineyard at 5pm after the ceremony. It makes return trips to drop hotel guests off at midnight. They also book an ADA-accessible minibus for the bride’s grandmother and a few other elderly guests for the day at the same rate of $250 per hour for 8 hours, totaling another $2,000. Between both buses, including 5% tips, the total comes to $4,200. The couple splits the cost with their parents as a wedding gift to their guests.

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